Between Finger and Thumb

Between a finger and a thumb lies the corner of our world, the intimate space of our being. The distance with which we measure the substance of our past.    


Between Finger and Thumb is an autobiographical and self-reflective piece of work that addresses the issue of memory within the context of the family and its domestic environment. For the purpose of this series, Serrano used the camera as a tool for the production and re-enactment of memories within her childhood home. To do so, she presents us with scenarios that put forward the playful conceptualism of still life, creating and arranging scenes that rely entirely on the symbolic value of objects as reminders of people, lost feelings and past events.

While the project explores the complex mechanism of reconstructed memories, questioning the veracity of our own history, it also reflects upon the psychology of a space that is dear to all of us. A place that is also the theatre of more sinister matters as it shelters in its darkest recesses and forgotten margins the remnants of past conflicts and family dramas.