Postcode War

Once an Arcadian suburb of grand houses and conservatories, Hackney declined into a zone of dodgy asylums and dirty industry. Persistently reinvented, it has become a symbol of inner city chaos, crime and poverty. A borough of violence, home to a young and diverse population living on the fringes of society, expressing its anger through gunshots and sheds of blood. Today, Hackney has become the epicentre of gang culture and the battle ground of two violent street gangs: the Hackney Man Dem and the Tottenham Man Dem. Brought together through their hatred of one another the two gangs developed a feud which alarmingly recalls the Shakespearian drama of Romeo and Juliette.

Over the last 13 years the streets of Hackney have witnessed endless attacks costing the lives of hundreds of teenagers. Jumping from estate to estate, these youths perpetuate what seems to be an endless quest for revenge while defending the honour of their postcodes.

The project depicts various crimes scenes throughout the borough of Hackney, where gang members have violently lost their lives over the last 12 years, since January 1997, when the conflict initially started.