Nesting in the Wolf Tree

“ The Forest is a state of Mind.” Gaston Bachelard
Nesting in the Wolf Tree is a photographic series that depicts the forest as a space of the unseen and the mysterious whose immensity engenders admiration, contemplation and fright.
The territory I chose to portray is the forest of Fontainebleau, located 60km at the south of Paris. The latter has become over the years a familiar environment, a place to which I became intimately attached, for the house in which I grew up stood at the edge of this very forest. As a child, these woods were my playground, the land of many adventures and extraordinary stories. As a teenager, they became a place of freedom and escapism away from parental authority. As for today, they are a space for introspection and peacefulness.
The series starts as a journey of wander into the woods and slowly turns into a quest for identity scattered with obstacles, singular rituals and secret hideaways. Transcended by the timelessness of the natural world, the visitor looses himself into the darkest recesses of the forest. Carried by playing and daydreaming he invests and interacts with its landscape, invoking souvenirs and sensations mingled with tales, folklore and popular beliefs.